Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gardening Journal: Part 1

Inspired by wildflowers and april showers
Talinn wants to grow some of his own flowers
Last weekend Talinn received a goody bag containing garden tools and a bird feeder. He's very excited about growing things. Home Depot was abuzz with garden enthusiasts when we took him to buy some potting soil and seeds. It will be fun to watch him grow flowers and maybe some strawberries? We'll report more progress in the coming weeks because we haven't done any planting yet :-)But the bird feeder was filled with seeds and hangs in a different spot every day. It follows Talinn's whimsy as he scatters the bird food anywhere he pleases and loudly calls to the birds. Come on over birdies, this is where your feast lies!
And talking of outdoors, Talinn is all set with a new house to take care of his cooking and gardening needs this summer. It took Nana only about 3 hours to assemble but it was so worth it. Talinn adores his new space complete with a grill area and doorbell. On bright clear days, he rushes out first thing in the morning to enjoy a glass of chocolate milk in the comfort of his own little house.


kamu said...

red colour coordinated GArdener.
Honestly you are a killer. Plants will love you.

kamu said...

My my what and addition! Talinn you must be thrilled to have a house of your own. Quiet place to relax? and of course do all the mischief...