Monday, March 1, 2010

Holi Hai!

It's the magic of Holi! I saw the date and thought "Holi at the end of February in currently rainy and cold bay area? Huh, never mind!" And then just for that very day the clouds cleared and it was too warm to even wear a sweater.We were on our way back from Chinese New Year festival in Chinatown. Talinn was peacefully asleep in the car as I sat cringing at the thought of all the chores we had to scramble into the rest of our Sunday. Barely had we finished planning our grocery shopping route that Pedi called. Excitedly she told us to hurry over to Sunnyvale temple for Holi celebrations.That was all it took to head to the other side of the bay without a single thought. Loud strains of bollywood beats woke Talinn up from his peaceful slumber. Before he knew it, Anoushka pie was smearing his cheeks with raunchy colors. He cringed at first, then started to warm up slowly when he realized that he was allowed to dip his hand into the color and return the favor. Popular Hindi tunes brought back his smile. Despite the crowds, the temple courtyard was open and the atmosphere was great.We didn't stay too long but Talinn's enthusiasm was full on by the time we returned to the car. In our backyard at home, I let him loose with the left-over packet of gulal. He couldn't believe his luck. License to smear the pink paint anywhere he wanted - on himself, on mom, on the floor, on the flowers. He gurgled his excitement, "Mom, Holi is so much fun mom." But of course! Happy happy Holi to everyone and a very colorful year ahead.

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