Saturday, February 20, 2010

Warm Celebrations

Is there a better way to beat winter weather than to gather with friends for warm celebrations? Anoushka pie turned 5 this year and we celebrated with her at home and at her favorite gym. I can't believe she's five! I still remember her so clearly as a baby and a toddler. She's a big, articulate, and talented girl already. Nana's birthday weekend was also spent in the company of dear friends. He spent that evening cooking mutton and my boys started ravaging the b'day cake even before we could cut it!
February kicked off with Hari V.'s milestone birthday bash to remember. Music and magic spun all night although we didn't last through all of it. I dearly wish we had. Talinn wished his favorite uncle and had a great time playing with all the kids at the party.Next day we hosted our annual Superbowl shindig where, in keeping with the annual tradition, Talinn helped Annu maasi paint the banner. Later, all the kids busied themselves with painting V-day frames while the adults caught up with game and gossip.In mid-February, Talinn attended Nitya's "doctor" birthday party dressed as Dr. Hatti with a stethoscope and all. Nana went into the birthday ER with a broken arm and was promptly fixed up by a very talented team of doctors.
Dr. Talinn was later spotted bouncing inside a jump house - great for stress relief I bet!

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