Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Lunar New Year

It's the year of the Tiger! Happy Chinese Lunar New Year to everyone. This year we missed heading up to Chinatown for the flower market held ahead of the New Year celebrations. But we made up by celebrating locally at the Foster City lunar new year festival.We stuck these multicolored good luck pinwheels in the ground in lieu of the gaudy red and gold ones we get from the chinese market.At the festival, Talinn didn't really care for the cultural by local school kids. Instead, he devoted his time to cutting paper and making a lantern and a fish. Then he ran around the grounds by the water and enjoyed the gorgeous day before heading back home to meet up with Nathan anna.
A man at the new year festival gave Talinn the traditional red and gold envelope. In Chinese culture, all unmarried children receive gifts of money in these envelopes on new year's day. We didn't make much of Talinn's envelope until we opened it to find a lucky dollar in there. Thank you! We will miss the Chinese New Year parade this coming weekend but we will try and head up to the festival at some point. Wishing all the tigers (and others) a fabulous year!

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