Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two Words: Ocean View

It was almost seven years ago. Two girlfriends went on an unforgettable trip to the Caribbean and Ocean View was their favorite motto. The joy of feasting my eyes on the most stunning turquoise waters is still unsurpassed. So blessed that we could take this amazing trip out to Mexico for New Years and spend it with some of our dearest and most favorite people ever. Thanks Ammamma for extending your stay and making this trip so unbelievable for us.

This was Talinn's first trip in his very own airplane seat. The six hour journey (with a halt) was a bit of a struggle despite the portable DVD player. It's hard to get him to watch for more than an hour at a time and no he still will not sleep during the flight.

Landing in Mexico is like landing in India. The humidity and local aromas accost you right away. And that's a very happy feeling when you're just arriving from near-freezing temperatures. Thankfully so far away from the thoughts of snow and the land of Christmas trees. Time to peel off those jackets and fall in love with the palm trees. And off we went to my favorite Riu Palace for an all-inclusive unforgettable celebration with Talinn's Peris - Apsara and Jay. After a late dinner, we checked out the karaoke entertainment at the hotel where Talinn sang at the top of his voice and put on his best moves. Later, Talinn and I went for a late night walk on the beach and rejoiced at softness of the white sand on the bottoms of our feet. He couldn't wait to bring back his toys and play play play!

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Shirinne said...

Yes, indeed- those two words always bring me back to Cancun and our carefree days. What a time!! :)

I hadn't checked your blog in quite a while. So amazed by all you guys have been up to. Sounds like you had an amazing trip. Life seems to be most at the speed of light these days but hoping to catch up with you soon. In the meantime...sending lots of love your way.