Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Family Visit from Cedar Rapids

Thanksgiving week was amazing. A whole week of pure family fun time. Everyone got away from work and their daily routines to spend quality time together. It wasn't long before Talinn took to his family from Cedar Rapids and thoroughly enjoyed all their love and attention. He was in singing and dancing with Ruma atta, big daddy, and his cousins Laxman anna and Chandini akka. Talinn's extreme love of music and his possessiveness about his ipod, CDs, and music related paraphernalia always reminds us of Laxman anna.Our family tradition is to head up to Crepes on Cole in San Francisco followed by a stop at Amoeba Music in Haight/Ashbury. Everyone gets to scour their favorite CDs and movies. This time, the younger kids Nathan and Talinn also got into the Amoeba spirit and got a bunch of music for themselves.Later, a wonderful stroll through the Golden Gate park brought us to the gardens around Cal Academy. The Japanese Tea Gardens were the perfect pit stop to savor some lovely Jasmine tea and otsumami (Jap snacks).Talinn enjoyed hopping around the gardens and monkeying with his favorite Chandini akka.

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