Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bonding with Peris: Dolphin Calling

All it takes to become a favorite with Talinn is time. Play with him for a few hours and you've made a friend. Talinn enjoyed meeting his Peris last May but that is a long time ago in a two year old's life. Cancun was the perfect opportunity to renew that friendship. Both Apsara and Jay peri spent hours at the beach building sand castles with Talinn. The kid on the other hand is a master destroyer. He loves to crush more than he loves to build. But the peris patiently spent hours building elaborate structures for Talinn to jump on and destroy with glee. I confess I did not have patience for that behavior. It's exactly what indulgent aunts are meant for. The take away from this trip for Talinn was the Dolphin calling. A dolphin (Apsara Peri) kept calling our room for Talinn. He would scream with joy each time the phone rang. He was so surprised to hear from the dolphin and never solved the mystery of his sea caller. It was quite a thrill for our telephone lover.Talinn wished me Merry Christmas our second morning there. I told him Christmas was long over but he said no the Peris had got him presents for Christmas. But of course, Santa follows Talinn to Cancun! "This is fun Jay Peri" - his favorite activity these days is puzzles and of course rolling around wildly on the bed. Every time we returned to our hotel room, Talinn would kick off his sandals and start jumping wildly on the bed. Then he would ask me "Mommy, is this a jump house?" Any guesses about my answer?One afternoon, we took the bus to visit Mercado 28, the overpriced "authentic" Mexican market. While the local food and coconut water were the highlights for the adults, Talinn had the best time with Jay peri. Not interested in shopping or bargaining, she made complete use of her time to bond with Talinn. He was so happy because she went around each shop scouting out different animals with him. The variety of animal souvenirs everywhere thrilled little Talinn but imagine his joy when he encountered Sher Khan in the middle of the market! Then our American lad found a Disney souvenir machine. A couple of coins got him a pooh toy and Pluto. The Peris got him a mini guitar (yeah another). And Talinn's trip to the market was a success.
We had many memorable meals at our hotel. The theme dinners were exceptionally delicious and very high quality. They would also take special care to bring Talinn special fruit plates. During our buffet meals, he would follow the Peris around and make sure they gathered fruits or fries for him. None of us were too thrilled to part ways. Holidays have a way of fast forwarding to completion at breakneck speed. But we were all so happy to spend so much quality time together. Later, the Peris said they couldn't stop talking about Talinn: his attitude, things he said, how he ordered his grandma around, and just how fitting the nickname they had given him was - Timir! For his part, Talinn will not forget the bison, dolphin, sand castles, and his Peris for a long time.

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