Saturday, December 12, 2009

Meet Our Cat in the Hat

Getting a toddler to wear a costume without wanting to wrench it off after you've just spent an hour bribing and begging them is no easy feat. But I have to confess that Talinn needed no bribery or persuasion. It wasn't love at first sight but he got along very well with his tiger garb without any tantrums whatsoever.I was just the guilty mom. I should have at least attempted a more creative costume instead of copping out and buying something quick at the store. To ease my crafter's guilt, I decided to enlist ammamma's talents and put together a costume that Talinn could wear to Nana's office Halloween party.
Here are the results. Ammamma stitched the stripes on the hat and we put the rest together with cotton and other knick-knacks. Talinn is totally into Dr.Seuss and thoroughly enjoyed playing the Cat in the Hat. He is such an amazingly good sport. Not a peep, not a fuss. He kept all his accessories right on and sported his new look effortlessly. Any wonder then that his Nana was totally proud to show him off at work?Here he is, sharing a happy moment at his Nana's office.

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