Saturday, December 12, 2009

Halloween at Foster City

It's already the most wonderful time of the year and I'm still trying to catch up with Fall posts. I have a very good excuse this time. Two words. Bathroom remodel. The double upgrade sapped our time, patience, and energy this fall. We had to cancel our annual Halloween bash to enjoy our bathroom nightmares privately. But I have good news to share. It's all history and the results have more than made up for the tribulations. We're thoroughly enjoying our daily ablutions, particularly Talinn who has his own private bench thrown into this upgrade. He misses our contractor and tiling expert "fanga" immensely and continues to have (imaginary) phone conversations with them.Anyhow, back to Halloween. Talinn participated in tons of activities. I'm particularly pleased that his ammamma got to enjoy them all with him. Foster City hosted a great Halloween party with a thrilling haunted house this year. Talinn was not one bit afraid of the pirate adventure inside the dark haunted house. He also got into all the games and collected lots of candies and prizes in his goody bag.Ammamma proudly accompanied little Talinn around all the crafts and activities. At this game where Talinn was supposed to dunk the ball into buckets from a distance, he just walked up to the buckets, threw his ball right in and made a claim for his prize. Could anyone refuse a cute tiger on the grounds of unfair play?

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