Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fall 2009 - Mom's Notes

This is the fall when Talinn told his Ammamma "I'm crying right now, I cannot answer you". He is more than a handful. The attitude is thoroughly endearing until it tips over to the other extreme. Threats about his toys being given away if he misbehaves elicits a "here mom, you can give this away" (and I'll just continue being a brat thank you!)Patience is a very big word. It's a lot harder to practice on a continual basis than I could have imagined. Transition from bottle to regular cup and straw has been successfully completed. But it only takes 45 minutes to get through a glass of milk now. And it only takes a few TV shows and many you tube videos to get through those 45 minutes while Talinn takes his own sweet time to sip and swallow the milk. Patience.His vocabulary is increasing leaps and bounds. We're guinea pigs and he experiments the phrases he's absorbing by catching us unawares with "I'm feeling sad Ammamma and I have tears in my eyes", "please put it back mommy, it's breakable", "Santa is going to come through the chimney and bring me Laura Numeroff books", "I'm thinking about all my problems". He's totally aware of the world around him "Oh Nanu's gone to get tiles?... from Home Depot?" He knows what store sells what.He's also a great shopping companion, interested in every kind of store. He's curious to know about all types of things, whether it's a potato masher at Crate and Barrel or the hangers in Target or the hobby items at Michaels. He loves to touch, ask, and talk about everything. At home, he still loves to help us make rotis and cut vegetables.

Current Faves
Favorite Books: Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak, If You Give a Pig a Party Laura Numeroff, books from the Dr Seuss Collection, The Lion King, Jungle Book.
Favorite Shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Tigger and Pooh, Little Einsteins, Special Agent OSO
Favorite You Tube Videos: Beauty and the Beast, Circle of Life
Favorite Movies: The Lion King, Kung Fu Panda, Jungle Book 2
Favorite Songs: Christmas Carols (Santa Claus is coming to town and Jingle Bells), Mamma Mia Soundtrack, Grease (La Bamba), Chup Chup Ke (Bunty aur Babli), Chak Dhoom Dhoom (Dil to Pagal Hai), Beauty and the Beast.
Recognizes: Colors (finally!), numbers from 1-10, and about half the English alphabets.
Recites: songs, nursery rhymes, numbers from 1-10 in 4 languages.

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