Saturday, December 12, 2009

Candy Happy in SFO

Our candy happy tiger enjoyed the afternoon post bungee adventure. He was fascinated by the sea lions at Pier 39. They seem to be thriving and multiplying in what is now their permanent home. Talinn gets a huge kick out of the loud noises they make.
Then we picked out pumpkins, one for each. Like everything else, Talinn had a strong opinions and picked his own.At home, we all had a great time helping Talinn decorate his pumpkin. He stuck some stickers on the pumpkins and others on walls. It was a wonderful family activity :-)And our boy was ready for HALLOWEEN night!


kamu said...

Kavita,Kudos to YOU.
How on earth you manage to find such beautiful matchings things for this cute little pie
the Sandals are one of its kinds. We are Proud of u.

kamu said...

The CAt in the Hat was a stealer.
Thanks to your mom for helping u out with such a novel outfit.
and of course all credit to Talinn for being such a sport and wear the whole nine yards. It is not easy He is a great showman.
Daddy sure had to be proud of him in his office party.