Sunday, November 15, 2009

Harvest at Ardenwood

Farmer Talinn has been enjoying an extremely busy Fall with so many outdoor harvest-y activities. It's so hard to believe that Talinn was harvesting corn at Ardenwood farm a whole year ago. It feels like yesterday. And here we are again.Nana took the farmer boy on a tour of all the gourds and hot-in-production crops at the farm. They enjoyed the tractor hay ride immensely after which it was time to frolic around some more pumpkins. In the meanwhile, the rest of us were having a monster time of our own.I love the pumpkin patch at Ardenwood farm for the sheer number of pumpkins, hay bale hill, and a myriad of fun activities. The farm was filled with arts and craft booths, cookie-making demonstrations, and a whole slew of harvest related activities of yore. Ammamma and I are showing off the dolls we handmade with corn husks.
Off to the corn fields. The ornamental and yellow popping corn were swiped clean by the time we arrived in the fields. We had to make great efforts to fill our sacks with even a few. Talinn enjoyed the experience so much that he refused to leave the fields. It was such an adventure for him to trip and forge his way through the tall ravaged fields in search of any left over corn. Here's farmer Talinn proudly detassling the corn. At home, we truly enjoyed our harvest by popping some corn. All it took was a bag and the microwave. The corn popped beautifully and we enjoyed it with sprinkling of salt and butter. It's one of Talinn's favorite snacks!

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