Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Halloween!

So Talinn went to a birthday party right before Halloween and had his face painted like a tiger. Yeah - he actually agreed to sit still and let this sweet little girl work her magic around his face without one little impatient movement or complaint!Now that the make-up consultation is done, we need to practice our tiger walk and tiger moves... oh and tiger growls of course... along with some cutesy tiger poses.
Ready to go trick or treating? Yes we are! This year Talinn was accompanied by Ammamma the witch. And they collected lots of sweet treats. Talinn was teaching all kids we met along the way to ring the bell and say "trick or treat". It's another story that the cat would get our tiger's tongue each time the doorbell was answered.At home, Talinn was mighty excited about handing out candy. Like every year, there were lots of trick or treaters. Of course Talinn wasted no time sneaking in some candy into his tummy. He must have enjoyed at least a half dozen lollipops that night!
Hope you all had a ferocious Halloween as well!

1 comment:

kamu said...

VOW What a Haloween!
Our tiger was sure ferocious.
So sportive and into having fun.
for a 2 year old it is not easy Hats off to all of you.