Monday, October 19, 2009

Visit to the Fire Department

Yeah it's time for Kabhi Aag Kabhi Paani - Part 2. Followers of this blog will know what I mean. Apna hero, Talinn Hatti, was in full action on the day of the Fire Station open house. Now our boy is not at all crazy about fire trucks or any vehicles for that matter. For him everything is a car! He's not one to tell you the difference between a ditch digger and excavator. The FD open house is still a fun activity and as long as Talinn has enough to tinker with (including his favorite water hose!), it still makes for an exciting activity.This ambulance is so organized and impressive! I can happily play in here for a long time.Yeah! I like these fire trucks and no! I'm not coming out any time soon.
Haha! Look, Ammamma's wearing my fire helmet!
Hands UP!!! This is a cop car!Who says I can't stand still for a single second for a nice pose?Look!!!

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