Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Glass Pumpkins!

It's official now! Fall is here. Pumpkins are everywhere. This is probably the first blog post about an activity in which Talinn did not participate. Ammamma, Nana and I visited the annual Palo Alto glass pumpkin patch without Talinn.Although this is a family event, we kept Talinn at bay this year. There's no way he would keep his hands off these delicate gourds. Heck, we couldn't.Beautiful pieces of art. 8000 of them! All handcrafted by artisans in local studios, including students at Palo Alto High. Each one perfect and each one worth gushing over for its colors and textures. It reminded us of the tulips in Amsterdam. Beauty that is hard to capture through the lens. But here are some to enjoy nevertheless.Happy pumpkins!!! Happy Fall!!!

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