Saturday, September 19, 2009

Solvang Getaway

Labor Day weekend is our traditional end-of-summer trip weekend. This year was no different. We packed our truck and headed down to San Diego. This time we drove out all the way on 101S. So much more scenic compared to the banal nothingness of I-5. Solvang was our pit-stop and destination that first night.Aebelskivers for breakfast! Mmm!!! Welcome to the Danish town of Solvang, founded in 1895 by Danish immigrants, where iconic windmills and Scandinavian architecture greet you at every corner. Our Solvang Garden Inn is supposedly one of the oldest buildings in the area built in the late 1900s. For Talinn, the highlight of the inn was the fish pond in its charming front yard. We were also pleasantly surprised by our one bedroom suite.
Onto the topic of Aebelskivers. They're much like the pofrtjes we ate in Amsterdam. Pancake batter balls dusted with powdered sugar and a generous helping of strawberry sauce. Ammamma thoroughly loved downtown Solvang and its many many stores filled with many many dolls. She claims she got her four month's worth of fill.After browsing the stores, we chanced upon a quaint little courtyard with a charming garden. Delicious sandwiches were ordered from a nearby cafe and enjoyed in the coolness of the garden watching Talinn splashing in a nearby fountain. It was one of those moments, on a Friday afternoon, when I felt completely relaxed and so happy to be on vacation with my favorite people.

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