Monday, September 21, 2009

Shamu the Whale!!!

Not only do those three words sum up our trip to Sea World, they were the magic mantra for this entire trip to So Cal, a chant that Talinn took up weeks before the trip. "We're going to see Shamu the whale on Friday!". And meet Shamu we did. Not on a Friday but on the Sunday before Labor Day.Sea World was so much fun. We made a beeline for the Dolphin and Shamu shows. And although we did not sit in the soak zone (wisely so), Talinn will never forget all the "splashy-splashy"! He was in whale heaven as were all of us. As nana commented, there's something so majestic and graceful about this largest sea creature.The sea lions were getting hungry by now and making quite a racket. Talinn fed them sardines much to their greedy delight. He got such a kick out of their loud imploring cries.Onto the the Elmo play area where Talinn went on all the rides. So thrilled to be on them and so unhappy when they got done. Ammamma came with Talinn on the rotating flower garden ride. So special!We briefly stopped off at the splash zone where Talinn worked up his lunch appetite. After lunch, we saw Talinn hurrying away at great speed. I caught up to ask him where he was headed. "To find Elmo", he said earnestly. We had seen Elmo speed by just a few seconds ago. Lucky Talinn found Elmo hanging out in the photo area meeting all his fans. Talinn got to say "I love you" to Elmo and give him a great big hug.It was time to head out and take a nap. The adults headed to La Jolla for lunch and a stroll along the ocean. A million people were camped out listening to an open air concert and diving in the warm water.Later that afternoon, we drove out to Coronado Islands for afternoon tea and to enjoy views of downtown SD. Talinn was delighted to find a little beach to soak his legs in the warm water and play in the sand. A very kind lady lent him a bucket full of sand toys. What else could he ask for?On our way back, we decided to go back to Sea World for Shamu's Summer Nights show. I couldn't be happier about our decision. The show was spectacular with rocking music, amazing light effects, glowing wands all around, and of course the spectacular antics of our superstar Shamu. Despite how late it was, Talinn was blown away by the performance. It was the most perfect end to an amazing summer!!! And we all promised to return the following year to see Shamu the whale.P.S. Talinn has not stopped talking about Shamu. He shouted for joy the second he saw this blog post and the pictures. Last week he claimed, "My iTouch is with Shamu. We need to go to SD to get it." Then, when we picked up nana from the airport last Friday, Talinn said to him, "We're going to San Diego to see Shamu the whale!"

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