Saturday, September 19, 2009

San Diego Zoo

San Diego was all about Talinn and his favorite places. Although we did squeeze in a visit with our favorite people for a short while. It was so wonderful meeting up with aunty Shirinne and uncle Vic and enjoying some delectable breakfast at Walker's Pancake House. I'm sad to realize that we didn't get any pictures with them!Then off it was to San Diego Zoo at the recommendation of our dear friends. It was a hot hot day in San Diego but the zoo was absolutely incredible. There were so many highlights but my favorite - and probably Talinn's as well - were the adorable pandas! They're so cute! Talinn thought it was Kung Fu Panda incarnate and made his dad stand in line multiple times for a glimpse."Shhh!!! Panda's napping!"Meerkats...err TIMON!!! Talinn's other favorites.After a couple of hours, Talinn took a nap in his stroller as the three of us sat in a cave in front of the Lion exhibit watching Talinn and the lions nap in the heat of the afternoon. It was so relaxing and fun people-watching together.When Talinn awoke, he was amazed to see sleeping lions right in front of his very eyes. A jaguar was lazing around nearby and not-so-far away was a herd of mighty elephants. Earlier that morning Talinn insisted on jumping harnessed to this bungee cord. The guy manning the station was a bit doubtful about whether the harness would even fit our little guy... but it did. And Talinn was fearless ... and ecstatic to bounce up and down in the air suspended on those cords. Watch his thrill for yourself!

We were famished by the time we got done with the zoo that day. Off to a wonderful Mexican restaurant in the lovely Old Town. Talinn downed the tortilla chips even as we downed some delicious strawberry margaritas!

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