Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kite Flying Champions!

Gorgeous day at the Marina. Our contingent was present in full force for the Kite Festival in San Francisco. And guess what! We were contest winners! YES!!! Nathan anna won the Funniest Kite category and walked home with a prize!!! YIPPEE!!!Beyond everything this was a great experience. Nathan's monkey kite, that serendipitously landed in his front yard one day, was a high-flier that caught the judge's attention right away. Nathan anna demonstrated some pro kite-flying skills that impressed everyone. Woohoo!! So exciting for all of us!!!Thanks to Nana, we're officially a family of serious kite fliers now. Other than the monkey kite, we had several others like our usual pirate ship and Hari V's macaw bird kites to show off. The food flowed in plenty as did the wine. Family, friends, conversations, and cheery blue skies made for a great day outdoors.The kids even got to make their own kites at a nearby stall. These crafty ones flew mighty well. And they got to go into a jump house.Talinn had an amazing time eating, flying kites, running around, and hanging out with his favorite people.

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