Monday, September 14, 2009

Ammamma is here!!!

Joy!!! Talinn greeted ammamma at the airport with a big smile, happy hug, and a high-five. He was prompt in playing tour guide pointing out the "beautiful trees" and "tall towers" to her as soon as we headed out of the airport. I was too excited myself to capture any of these first moments on film.At home, he dragged her to his "clubhouse" to share all his books. No nap that afternoon. The joy was too intense. They've both settled in now although they still keep each other immensely busy. This morning ammamma took Talinn to the first of a series of classes for the season. Morning lessons in music and gymnastics to add to the bonding experience. Ammamma's reaction to his class participation - "he's too naughty and not bothered about listening to anybody!" Don't tell me we didn't warn you :-)
Nana and I were also able to successfully leave the two alone and catch an incredible performance of the Gypsy Kings at the breathtaking Mountain Winery in Saratoga. So yeah, happiness all around. Ammamma is amazed at Talinn's vocabulary and his deftness with electronics of all kinds. The learning will be two-ways this season. Talinn will probably bring ammamma up to snuff with the ipod, iphone, and our complicated entertainment system. The season's off to a warm and wonderful start.

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