Monday, August 31, 2009

First Carnival Ride

A couple of weeks ago, Chinna atta and I took the boys to the popular San Mateo County Fair. Talinn wanted to ride a pony instantly. I wondered if this initial burst of enthusiasm would vanish the second he sat on the animal transforming into an "I want to get off this very second" tantrum.

The man promised that I could walk around the ring beside Talinn. But my boy couldn't have cared. Off he went after being buckled to the saddle, riding around with the natural ease of a cowboy. I was relieved and thrilled to see him take the reigns and rock to the rhythm of the ride.At the next stop, the boys tried their hand at this fun craft where they dabbed paper coffee filters with colors. The lady at the booth then transformed the filters into beautiful flowers. Next stop, a musical instrument medley made out of trash found at a farm (iron pots, wheels, and rods).Time for rides!!! Whee!!! Here are Chinna atta, Anjani aunty, and Nathan anna prior to entering this high spin space ship. Once inside, their smiles were instantly wiped out and according to Chinna atta "Anjani aunty caught a glimpse of heaven."To wipe away (or heighten?) the nausea Nathan anna and Chinna atta went on this bumpy car ride. Talinn was most upset at his inability to join the party, so we promised to take him on the "kiddie" rides that were later voted Nathan anna's favorites for the day.Talinn's first time ever on a ride!!! Whooppeeee!!! Of course mom was panicking more than the kid. The brothers had a blast riding flying dragons and all. I was unsure about my 2 year old's reaction to the bumps and flights. His brother had been instructed to shout and stop the ride in case Talinn felt unhappy. Unhappiness struck only when the ride stopped and Talinn whined "I want more."

We rounded off our day at the fair with snacks and fries. The boys were tired but in no mood to go home. They could have easily gone ride crazy all afternoon. Talinn's joy always sky-rockets in Nathan anna's company. I'm so thrilled that Nathan anna accompanied T on his first rides. It took the edge off and quadrupled the fun for all of us.

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